domenica 20 febbraio 2011

  • Design Cad / prototyping In a market in constant evolution the necessity to propose innovative ideas and high-quality with costs and contained times of delivery has carried STUDIO ARRAIS, to take advantage themselves of the aid of a specialist company of fast prototype. Through design CAD and technologies of fast prototyping, it is wanted to be arrived to fast solutions in order to realize the ideas, or leaving from a simple sketch on paper, or from a model in wax, design CAD 3D in prototype in RESIN or WAX. Fast prototyping in resin (stereo lithography ) The prototyping in resin are without any doubts those which introduce the best characteristics about the proportions them and superficial. This technology particularly is indicated in order to obtain optimal levels of details and for those details where it is important the precision about the proportions them and superficial. The material allows the gumming of the prototypes with silicones rubbers with warmth (90 degrees) or cold. Pieces in stereo lithography are easy paintable or opaque polishes that.

  • Fast prototyping in wax (modeller 3d) The systems of fast prototyping SOLIDSCAPE, the wax are a thermoplastic material with identical characteristics to the traditional wax, guarantee a highest superficial definition and the total compatibility with the processes of metal casting to lost wax. Silicones stamps The preparation of rubbers represents a phase much delicate one of the production process, a stamp realized second specific criteria concurs to obtain a wax for perfect metal casting. Through the support of a company or specialized laboratory, one offers to a service of silicones stamps from prototypes in resin and metal highly specialized differentiating the offer between silicones rubbers to warmth and cold.