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The personalized courses are divided into monthly, quarterly, semester, intensive and on-line courses.
With a maximum of 4 students per class.
At the completion of a course you will be issued with a certificate of attendance.
One month course (32 hours €400)
The one month course, is therefore notional.
The student will get a slight knowledge about jewel design, gaining the base of the technical and graphical planning of a ring.
Naturally the ring will be the student’s idea, giving it the touch of their own personal creativity.
Lessons are held twice a week, each lasting 4 hours, for a total 8 hours per week.
Three  months course (100 hours € 1150)
In this course the student will acquire a solid base knowledge of jewellery design.
The student will research for forms. Forms in nature, architecture, sculpture, etc.
Throughout the course, and with the aid of the teacher, the student will be able to get a feel for and develop their own personal style. In addition the student will design a piece in the base of  aesthetics and functionality.
The Studio Arrais addresses their students towards designing real jewellery, with the main objective being to turn our students into great designer.
Lessons are held twice a week, each lasting 4 hours, for a total 8 hours per week.

Six months course (200 hours € 2.350)
The six months course is a complete course.
Firstly, it offers more hours for the students.
Secondly, the students in the arc of six months have the possibility to experience their personal creative and ability.
After a research for ideas through nature and construction forms, the students develop the idea though the projection and graphical stage.
Various picture techniques are use in this course from the pencil ones, to the watercolours and the gouache.
The jewel will be represented using the picture techniques, on human illustration. The teacher will assist the student to help them understand the portability and commercial ability of the jewel.
Lessons are held twice a week, each lasting 4 hours, for a total 8 hours per week
The one month’s intensive course (80 hours €1.000)
The Studio Arrais also carries out a one month intensive course. For those individuals that for work reasons, costs or for those whom cannot remain over a long time.
In this course the same program of the three months course is applied, with the one difference that the frequency is daily.
Lessons are held daily, each lasting 4 hours, for a total 20 hours per week.
Courses Online design and planning.
In the on-line course the students, can choose to buy the single package or multiple packages.
In which there are the videos of lecture by the teacher. This way anyone can afford to learn to draw jewellery in the comfort of their home or laboratory.
The topics viewed in this program are the same of the monthly, quarterly, semester courses
Computer design 3D course
Thanks to the possibility that the CAD technology offers things that until recently were unthinkable to design in jewellery can now be achieved.  It’s also extremely useful for designers and planners, but also for goldsmiths and the creation of models.
The design program allows you to view, edit, and archive the ideas and the designs you want, and allows you to quickly perfection your prototype.
This course program includes the use of Rhinoceros, Flamingo and Techgems.
The Cad courses are divided into monthly, quarterly, semester, intensive and on-line courses.
Monthly Cad course (32 hours € 450)
During the monthly jewel computer course a simple basic Cad modelling program is taught. The course is usually better for those whom already know the CAD program, but wants to deepen on the jewel projecting, and its coloration.
Lessons are held twice a week, each lasting 4 hours, for a total 8 hours per week.
Three-month Cad course (100 hours € 1.200)
The three-month course of computer design is a more complete course. It starts from the basic program, with the creation of objects, up to the creation of the jewellery and its colouring. This course involves the construction of jewellery using prototyping CAD-CAM.
Lessons are held twice a week, each lasting 4 hours, for a total 8 hours per week.
Month intensive course (80 hours € 1,000)
This intensive course has a frequency of 5 times weekly, 4 hours per class.
This course gives the opportunity  to get the prototyping cad-cam knowledge in the span of one month.

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Online Courses

It ‘s possible to follow the lessons in jewellery design by Studio Arrais including through the collection of video tutorials section online courses.
The courses are divided into package, allowing the student to follow in full autonomy and comfort a specific curriculum, very similar to that
followed by those attending classes in person, then starting from the base drawing and designing jewellery to the idea and development of a form with graphic and pictorial subsequent processing through design in three-dimensional and isometric.
Each video tutorial is an associated document containing the PDF handouts, the program and the list of necessary equipment.
Students in online courses have the opportunity to ask any clarification by e-mail or Skype directly to their teacher.
At the end of the course, after verification of the design and subsequent evaluation, Studio Arrais issue the student a certificate of participation.

Luisa Arrais Biography

Luisella Arrais was born in Cagliari, Sardinia.
In 1978 she decided to move to Florence and live there: it was love at first sight.
In 1980 she did a school of art “ ISA Istituto Statale D’Arte” in Florence and addressed her interest in jewellery section.
She did this school for 2 years and she achieved the Diploma of Art’s Master with honours.
During her education, she went on specializing herself in artistic topics; and she did the Free School of Knot of the Academy of the Arts for one year, where she had the opportunity to improve her pictorial veins.
At the same time, she did an Assembler Making Course for two years, but nevertheless she has been always more interesting in jewel design than in other specialisations.
For this reason she decided to do a Jewellery Design Course, as well.
Awarded all these specializations, she began to work as jewellery designer, after a short period of intense activities as designer and model of wax.
In 1995, she started to teach Jewel Design in particular at Art Fuji Studio in Florence and in other Jewel Schools, too.
In 2000 she decided to open her own Jewellery Design’s Studio, called “ Studio Arrais”
Her typology of teaching jewel’s design is winning, because it is a specific and short course regarding this topic in contrast with courses of other School of Art that usually are longer and more generic than her own courses.
Thanks to this experience in teaching and in sorting out many courses, Luisella Arrais has been often able to give her own students, coming from every part of the world, the possibility to win many competitions, so that Studio Arrais is recognized as leader of teaching jewel’s design.
At the present Luisella Arrais organizes a lot of exhibitions about her own student’s passionate artistic works (this year at Cellai Boutique Hotels in Florence).
Students are so enthusiastic of this initiative, that they are going on taking part in it and they are giving an important contribute in jewel design’s innovation.